Supported Hardware

Supported Hardware

You can write custom Matlab or C++ drivers for any hardware that is not currently supported.

Operating systems

  • Windows. Tested on Windows 11.



  • National Instruments DAQs. We've run with both PCIe and USB DAQs, but haven't tested with other bus technologies.

Digital micromirror devices

  • ALP 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3: Vialux (opens in a new tab) DMDs. Tested with the Vialux V-7000.
  • Texas Instruments DMDs. Tested with the DLP LightCrafter 4500.

Galvos (Experimental)

Galvo support is an experimental feature and still under development.

  • It should work with any galvo that hooks up to a DAQ by feeding x and y positions to two analog input ports and sending x and y waveforms via analog output ports. Tested with the Cambridge Technology 6215H galvos, and the Thorlabs GVS galvos.

Light sources

Having software control of the laser is not crucial for using Luminos. You can turn off/on the lasers in hardware or with the vendor's software, and use shutters and modulators in Luminos.

  • Coherent OBIS lasers
  • Cobolt lasers. Tested with Cobolt 04-01 and 05-01 Series.
  • Spectra-Physics DeepSee lasers
  • Amplitude Mango OPA

Stage controllers and other motion controllers

  • Ludl MAC5000 stage controller
  • Scientifica SliceScope stage controller
  • Sutter MPC200 stage controller
  • Thorlabs DCServo TCube

Spatial light modulators

  • Meadowlark SLMs

Motorized filter wheels

  • ASI filter wheel. Tested on the ASI FW1000.
  • Optec high speed filter wheel.
  • Thorlabs motorized filter wheels


  • G&H 8-channel acousto-optic tunable filter controller
  • Thorlabs PRM1 motorized rotation mount
  • Any Modulator that takes analog control input from a DAQ


  • Any shutter that connects to the NI DAQ